I sent in my order for for my free RX to Hitec (along with the order for my half price RX and HPP-22 programmer) last weekend and, despite the “Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery”, I got my stuff today! -kad Advertisements

The main desk is constructed! It’s mainly a v1.2 deck (integral motor mount) with the addition of the double sided tape under the servos from the Make build instructions. The Receiver and ESC are swapped Left to Right from the standard build, but that’s just how the wires lay better when I did it. Putting […]

HobbyKing may have problems keeping things in stock, but when they do have them in stock, they ship fast! At least from the US warehouse. I’ve placed two orders with them now, one for batteries and a LiPo charger for the Towel (My newest RC item prior to this ran off NiCads!) and now again […]

I found good place with plenty of stock on the Hitec Optic 5 radios now being recommended for the Towel. They sell the full line of Hitec radios as well as Futaba. The Optic 5 with a Minima 6T or 6E receiver is $89.99 ($59.99 for the Transmitter alone). You can get a further 10% […]

First step, of course, is to get all the parts together. Unfortunately, the main source for parts given in the MAKE article and on older posts at the Aerodrome site, HobbyKing, was almost always out of stock on most of the parts before the MAKE article hit the newsstands and now that it’s out, they […]

Welcome! This blog will detail my build of a Brooklyn Aerodrome “Towel” Radio Control Airplane, as featured in MAKE magazine volume 30. -kad